Introduction and outline


Introduction to Hypnotherapy and our approach

Hypnotherapy is a popular healing art, which is well known, tried and tested. It is therefore an excellent qualification and skill for anyone who wishes to work as a Professional Therapist full or part time.

It can be the most dramatic form of therapy as very often the results are instantaneous. For instance with phobias it is possible that someone who has not been able to travel due to a lifelong fear of air travel can suddenly fly without qualms. Most of us know a previously heavy smoker who has suddenly quit through hypnosis and in many cases it has been possible to have dental work without anaesthetic. Hypnotherapy can of course tackle much deeper or chronic conditions and it is an effective psychotherapeutic approach.

Due to this reputation and an increasing media exposure Hypnotherapy can potentially be more lucrative than other therapies and those considering a career in this field will benefit greatly from the marketing component of the Skills Integration module which forms part of the diploma.

This London College of Hypnotherapy Diploma course incorporates the latest and most effective techniques. We constantly research the latest trends in the mind/body field and will incorporate any significant and effective new development into our program. So on completion of the course you will have also learnt many energy psychology techniques such as EFT and qualified in NLP (see courses section for an explanation and further information).

During the course students become well grounded in counselling skills which are fundamental when working therapeutically with others. This involves honing or increasing your ability to be resilient yet compassionate coupled with developing an understanding of the therapeutic relationship. Students will therefore also become familiar with and practise counselling and psychotherapy skills.

The London College of Hypnotherapy will also emphasise the healing and therapeutic benefits of hypnosis. We do not view Hypnotherapy as simply a tool to deal with symptoms. Rather we search for the underlying cause which may be of a physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual* nature (*which will have different meanings for different clients) and we believe all of these are interconnected. Furthermore the ability to see such connections (‘holistic intelligence’) can be both learnt and developed with therapeutic interaction and practise. In contrast to a heavily theoretical approach focusing purely on the mechanics and scripts we acknowledge and assert that a hypnotherapy session involves an energetic interaction (as well as verbal). Therefore we teach exercises to enhance participants personal magnetism, understanding of energetic flow and also odic gaze (entrainment through the eyes).

Specialist topics such as working with phobias, pain relief, allergies, natural childbirth smoking cessation, weight regulation, M.E., IBS, regression, past life regression, performance enhancement, self esteem and many other issues that clients will normally present are fully addressed and clearly taught during the course. We also teach the use of indirect language patterning - how to use hypnotic language, voice tone and therapeutic suggestions in ordinary conversation with clients (e.g. to help others overcome patterns that can sabotage their desire for positive change).